Book cover image for The Faeman Quest

Publication date: January 2011
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 9781408805619
Page count: 368
Price: £6.99
Size: 196mm × 128mm
Age group: 10–12 

The Faeman Quest

by Herbie Brennan (Author)

The Faeman Quest is the fifth book in Brennan’s ‘Faerie Wars’ series, featuring Blue, Henry, their daughter Mella and Blue’s brother Pyrgus, supported by a host of otherworldly characters. Despite having only read the first book in the series, this story still worked for me. The complex but well-structured plot made it a complete story, while also serving as a ‘series instalment’. In fact, the story was more satisfying in some ways than the first book.

Opening with a teenage Mella, who is defying her parents by taking an unauthorised trip to the Analogue World (that’s our world), which naturally goes all wrong, leading her into contact with some of the recurring villains from the series and to discover a plot to invade her home country using herds of fearsome monsters, as conceived by a cabal of power-hungry wizards.

Brennan goes on to serve up a feast of the imagination, with a hectic mix of scheming characters, comical dialogue and an array of inventive narrative devices born of a colourful blend of science and magic. It has a fast pace, a light-hearted tone and rich descriptive passages. The only real problem I had with the story was that there are a few key scenes, including a couple of really climactic ones at the end, which seemed to happen while the reader isn’t looking. We are then told about them after the fact. This has the effect of distancing us from some of the most dramatic moments, and deflating the tension of the ending. Even so, this is a fine story, and I’d recommend this book for any fantasy fan of 10+.

Review by
Oisín McGann

This review was published online in
April 2011