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Publication date: August 2008
Publisher: Catnip Publishing
ISBN: 9781846470669
Page count: 208
Price: £6.99
Size: 140mm × 186mm
Age group: 5–7 

My First Pet Dragon

The Complete Handbook for Beginners

by Professor Georgie Blink (Author)
Amanda Mitchison (Editor)
Andy Rowland (Illustrator)

Professor Blink’s indispensable guide offers a checklist of advice on choosing a dragon as a pet. If the decision has been made to embark on such an adventure, she suggests seeking a Dragon Club Misdemeanours and Damages Report before making a final choice between an Egg, a Dragonlet or a Rescue Dragon. While an egg may seem to offer the most positive outcome, there is the risk of becoming the owner of a sparkless dragon. The cost of entertainment, jewellery and maintenance of a pet dragon is also a consideration; however, it is vital that fire precautions are put in place to prevent his den and or your house burning down. The back cover of the guide lists helpful courses on anger management and entertainment for the new pet.

This is a hilariously funny book, full of imagination, wit and humour. Many of the authoritative recommendations to the owner are in large bold text to emphasise the importance of the particular advice. There are pen and ink illustrations of the profiles of the various types of dragons, their specific needs, management and ‘risk rating’. One illustration highlights the need for caution if acquiring a Rescue Dragon by showing a dragon incarcerated in solitary confinement playing chess. The facial expressions of the various dragons are wonderful, young and haughty, old and toothless, sparkless and pathetic. The language is believable, emphasising the serious nature of a decision to choose a dragon as a pet and citing the experiences of other dragon owners.

A thoroughly enjoyable book, which children and adults will love to read together, checking and rechecking the advice offered to would-be dragon owners. Terrie O’Sullivan

Review by
Terrie O’Sullivan

This review originally appeared in Inis #28

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