Book cover image for I Love My Little Storybook

Publication date: February 2002
Publisher: Walker Books
ISBN: 0744592011
Page count: 26
Price: €9.99
Size: 232mm × 262mm
Age group: 0–4 

I Love My Little Storybook

by Anita Jeram (Author)

Written and illustrated by the artist responsible for the acclaimed Guess How Much I Love You, this picture book seeks to share with children the joys and delights to be found in books. Aself-consciously cute, cuddly-looking bunny endowed with long ears and a sniffy nose, takes the reader on a trip to the conventional picturebook setting of a magic forest inhabited by a magnificent but kindly lion, bunny fairies complete with wands and wings, a friendly giant, a sleeping princess who is wakened by her frog prince, and other such stalwarts of the fairy-tale kingdom. Illustrated predominantly in pastel shades, its pages filled with whimsical and endearing little creatures whose lives are unsullied by the darker elements of fairy tale, the book unashamedly sets out to rekindle the ‘aaah’ factor captured so successfully in Guess How Much I Love You. The cloying sweetness and over-simple text render it too sickly for my personal taste, but the book’s inoffensive nature and comfort-filled sentimentality will undoubtedly find it a niche in the marketplace.

Review by
Kate Agnew

This review originally appeared in Inis #1